Invite Your Soul To The Party!

Invite Your SOUL To The Party!

June 17, 2016

In my early 20s, I lived in Brookline, Massachusetts, right outside of Coolidge Corner at 1471 Beacon Street. Back then, one of my favorite things to do on the weekends, was to trek over to the Cantab Lounge in Central Square, Cambridge, to see the ever soulful, Little Joe Cook, sing late into the night. 

The place was a dive, and tiny, and always packed and filled with smoke. Little Joe sang doo-wop and old rhythm and blues, and I was transported to another world as soon as I walked in the door. 

I remember this one song in particular that went "hooooooo sexy lady, from the beauty shop, you make my heart go bippity bop, bippity bop!" 

Little Joe Cook knew how to bring his soul to the party. 

Watching this man in his 70s, singing his heart out, song after song, was unforgetable, and he played at the Cantab Lounge every week until he was 84.

He loved performing and singing and he didn't just exude inspiration, he was inspiration. You could feel his soul jumping for joy!  He was doing


what he was put on this earth to do. No doubt about it. 

Just listen to

Down at the Cantab!

Someone who is living their life so ON purpose is unusual and maybe it's a mark of greatness depending on how we define it, so I think it is important that we ask ourselves, "Are we bringing our souls to the party?" and "Are we doing what we were put on this earth to do?" 

If you have already discovered your soul's calling and are already living an inspired life, that is amazing! If not, I don't know all the answers but here's what I think I understand so far.

Discovering our soul's true calling comes down to



Our soul is always calling to us, but the problem is we are rarely listening or paying attention.

It is very difficult to hear what our soul is trying to communicate to us in our overstimulated world. The lights, bells, dings, whooshes, and televisions everywhere, drown out our true essence. 

However, if we are able embrace mindfulness and silence, and stay present in the moment as much as possible, we can begin to listen and look for signs from our soul. We just need to wake up, slow down, and start paying a little bit of attention. 

Sometimes our soul communicates through a certain song on the radio, or a billboard on the highway, or a book that the cat knocks off the shelf, or a feeling after we meditate, or a conversation we have with the sexy lady from the beauty shop. But we often miss it or even worse, resist it. 

We resist our soul's calling for a lot of reasons, usually because of the limiting beliefs I talked about on Wednesday. But if we can start to become conscious of the ideas, people, thoughts, emotions, and suggestions that keep popping up in our lives, over and over again, and trust that they are not just coincidences, we could begin living a magical life. 

The energy of the Universe, the Force, is desperately trying to flow through us, every day. If we don't allow it to flow by expressing our soul's calling, it gets stuck. And once the energy becomes stuck and stagnant, it becomes toxic, just like water. 

Blocked energy can make us really sick.

But there's good news! Once we start listening and following our hearts, we enable the Force to flow through us, through our own unique form of creativity, allowing the best version of ourselves to emerge. OUR TRUE SELF. And, to me, this is what living an inspired life is all about. 

What do you think your soul might be trying to tell you? 

Thank you and have a great weekend. 


Annie :-)


Who we hang out with matters…a lot

Who we hang out with matters…a lot.

Day 19

June 8, 2016

If we want to be successful we have to start hanging out with successful people. And when I say "successful" I mean:

1.  People who are living meaningful, happy and fulfilling lives

2.  People who are growing and learning and thinking big

3.  People who have a strong foundation of self worth

4.  People who share our most important values

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." 

- Jim Rohn, self made millionaire.

It seems to me that life is too short to be burdened by people who don't have our best interest at heart and who don't have a growth mindset. If we want to change the world, we need to be spending our time with the people who are already doing it.

We need to do everything we can possibly do to be in the presence of extraordinary people and learn as much as you can from them. "Let us surround ourselves with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the thinkers, and those who see the greatness in us even when we don't see it in ourselves."

That's all for today!



"Just Be Myself?" What does that mean, again?

"Just Be Myself?" What does that mean, again?

Day 16

June 5, 2016

Back in the fourth grade I was obsessed with Broadway musicals.







Starlight Express

were my favorites, and I knew all the words to all the songs.

For one of the music recitals at school that year, I had prepared to sing the song “Memory” from



It was a difficult song for me and I was very nervous about it, but I remember my teacher patting me on the head and saying, “Annie, just be yourself and you’ll be fine.”

“Just be yourself”. Hmmm. That phrase sounds so benign, doesn’t it? It also sounds easy and familiar, like we are supposed to know what it means. Haha!

I remember, even at the age of 10, that line struck me as confusing. And “being myself” has become a lifelong pursuit; something I am still trying to figure out.

When we are really little, say 5 years old, we don’t “try” to be anything. When we are 5, we are truly ourselves. We have an innate knowing that we are ONE with everything else; that our soul is a part of the collective soul.

Within a couple years however, we begin linking up our identity with what other people think, and through this distorted window we begin to compare ourselves to others. We begin to identify with our gender, race, nationality, town, family, friends, religion, our successes and failures and accomplishments and so on.

Our true self, our spirit, our soul, that we are in touch with as small children, becomes something we don’t know anymore, something of which we are not aware.

In fourth grade and for decades after, I kept looking for my true self. I didn’t realize that it was there all along, and that I just needed to wake up and connect to it. But no one teaches us this shit!

Our ego is powerful and once it takes hold it’s like we are hypnotized.

We grow into scared, insecure, anxiety filled adults, without realizing what is going on.

Once we are squarely in the ego’s clutch, we unconsciously turn the controls of our emotional lives over to external forces to manipulate.

We are left feeling “not enough” in so many areas and we begin to view the present moment, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, as “a means to an end, an obstacle or an enemy”.

We begin to seek validation at every turn and when we get it, we are on top of the world. And when we don’t, we dwell on it, analyze it and try to do more and more to prove that we are worthy of love and respect and attention.

It’s not uncommon for humans to live under the control of our egos for an entire lifetime. But sometimes we get a lucky break. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to escape.

My take on this is that once in a while the Universe opens up a wormhole, and we are given the choice whether or not to jump through it. 

These wormholes seem to appear after great loss, tragedy, or sickness;

when the present becomes too painful and we realize that we need to either transform and transcend or die.

When we decide to jump through the wormhole is when we get the chance to rediscover who we really are! We get to go back to being a little kid and discover our long lost souls.

I believe that this long lost soul of ours is our true self, and all this true self wants to do is express itself!

The Force, the collective soul, the energy field that permeates everything and that is the life behind every breath and every flower, wants desperately to express itself through your individual soul. The soul who is inhabiting your body for the next 100 years or so.

For some of us that expression might be music, or writing, or maybe your soul wants to express itself as a healer or an athlete or maybe it is more than one thing. It could be anything, but we can’t discover any of it if we are in bed with our ego.

We all know of people who have a achieved miraculous levels of success in their craft or their mission. They seem super human and when they walk in the room you can feel their energy. They actually seem to glow. That’s why we call them “super stars”. What can we learn from them? Their entire lives revolve around their soul’s expression, not their egos expression.

If you are not already a super star, it’s ok. I’m not either, but I believe we can become super stars!

We each have a little light inside, we just need to consciously turn up the dimmer switch! Once we let go of the ego, our creative genius can wake up and come alive. Our soul will start to glow brighter and brighter until we are shining and glowing all the time, radiating our soul’s beauty and light everywhere we go.

And that is what I was thinking about today.

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow!


Annie xoxoxo

The Healthy Hippie Girl Challenge!

The Healthy Hippie Girl Challenge!

Here is a list of things we can do to make our bodies, minds, and souls sing! La la la la la la!

The challenge is to try and complete

5 things

on this list TODAY. Will you do it with me?

What should we call it? How about the Healthy Hippie Girl Challenge? Yay!

Let me know how it goes :-)


Exude the energy of peace, love and happiness toward everyone you meet!

2.  Refrain from sugar

3. Go for a walk or run in the woods

4. Meditate

5. Do your art! Sing, paint, dance, write….

6. Listen to the Nico and Vins Black Star Elephant Album

7. Take a nap without feeling guilty

8. Write out 10 times on a piece of paper and say out loud in front of a mirror. “I have enough, I am doing enough, I AM enough.”


Refrain from watching the news or violent media


Read an inspiring book or listen to a podcast

11. Celebrate something!

12. Do something kind for someone else

13. Make a vision board of your goals and dreams

14. Forgive yourself


5. Forgive someone else

Good luck and have an awesome day!

Love, Annie xoxoxoxoxox

3 Workouts You Can Do With The Kids This Weekend!

3 Workouts You Can Do With The Kids This Weekend!

As I was talking about yesterday, our children are always watching, and therefore, we are always teaching.

I love working out with my kids because it’s fun and it’s an opportunity to model and teach them that daily exercise is a vital part of a healthy, active life. Like brushing our teeth, it’s just what we do!

It’s also a chance for our kids to learn what it means to be a lifetime learner, as they see us struggle, work at, and improve on our pull ups or our running. As my son likes to point out, "It's never too late, Mom!"  Gee, thanks.

Below you will find 3 workouts that I do with my munchkins. I hope you find them fun and challenging!

Kids love to keep track of their progress (adults do too!). It’s effective to write the workout down and give everyone a copy with a pen so they can check things off as they go along.

I try to keep all family workouts close to 30 minutes.

The Nature Hike Workout

Find a local trail that is about 1.5 -2.0 miles long.

Jog or hike for

3 minutes

and then stop and do an exercise for

1 minute.

Repeat until you've done all 8 exercises. Total time -  about 32 minutes.

1. Tree Squat (like a wall squat but up against a tree!) 

2. Push Ups 

3. Inverted rows on a tree or fence 

4. Burpees 

5. Right side plank

6. Left Side Plank 

7. Lunges

8. Old School sit ups

The Back Yard Workout

4 or 5 sets - about 30 minutes

Run around the house

10 box jumps on the front stoop

10 old school sit ups on the grass

10 push ups

10 side lunges (5 each side)

10 burpees

10 pull ups or rows on a TRX, tree, or jungle gym.

The Inside The House Circuit When It’s Raining Workout

45 seconds each exercise, 15 seconds rest in between

3 sets - 24 minutes  

(Kids love to keep track of the time and announce “Switch!”)

1. Walking Lunges

2. Push Ups

3. Frog Hops

4. Inverted Rows on a table or Pull Ups on a pull up bar

5. Run the stairs

6. Dips off a step or chair

7. Bear Crawl around the house with a ball

8. Rolling Planks

If all else fails, I teach class on Sunday at 11:00am at The SweatShop in Medfield and you can bring the kids :-)

And that is what I was thinking about today.

With love and gratitude,  Annie