3 Tedx Talks That Inspire Me!

3 Tedx Talks That Inspire Me!

Mike Robbins, author and former MLB pitcher offers up a funny and poignant talk on, 

The Power of Authenticity


Caroline McHugh inspires us to UP OUR GAME with her thoughts on 

The Art of Being Yourself

My beautiful coach Lynne Twist shows us how to live an inspired life in her TEDx talk, 

Our Collective Dream.

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And that's all for tonight. I wanted to write more but I am falling asleep! See you tomorrow for Day 21!!

Sending you great love and gratitude!!

Annie :-)

The Money Course: The 10 Most Valuable Things I Have Learned So Far!

The Money Course  

The 10 Most Valuable Things I Have Learned So Far!

As some of you know, I am participating in the Money Course this year, a 9 month program created by Lynne Twist, Dave Ellis and Tammy White designed to help people improve their relationship with money and life.

We just finished our first trimester and it is amazing how much I have learned since I first heard Lynne's TED Talk and hopped promptly on a plane to San Francisco to meet her and join the group.

In only 3 months this course has transformed my life and my relationship with money and I wanted to share with you the 10 most important things I have learned so far!

I hope you find these as helpful, interesting and exciting as I do.

1. Once we let go of trying to get more of what we don’t really NEED, than we can focus on making a difference with what we already HAVE. When we do that, it opens up oceans of time and energy, and what we already HAVE inevitably expands and grows.

2. We are able to create a healthy relationship with money once we acknowledge what our current relationship is. Asking questions helps. When it comes to money, am I stingy or generous? Fearful or confident? Open or secretive? Ashamed or proud?

3. Creating a vision and setting clear goals that are in alignment with that vision are crucial to getting where we want to go in life. Take the time to get clear about what you really want and then set goals for how you want to spend your energy, time and money getting there.

4.  Aligning our spending with our pre-determined goals allows us to make better choices in the present moment. Asking ourselves things like, “Is this purchase in line with  my goals?” or even better, “Is this purchase in line with my Soul?

5. What we appreciate, appreciates!

6. Commitment, collaboration and community are roads that lead to wealth and prosperity. 

7.  Calculating our Financial Net Worth, tracking our Cash Flow and creating a Budget  are exercises that free the soul, give us peace of mind, and, it turns out, aren’t that boring after all!

8. Just as important as figuring out our Financial Net Worth is taking time to calculate our Personal Net Worth by measuring our social, physical, pragmatic, spiritual and other forms of “capital”.

9.  Emerson said, "Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear the words you are saying."  Figure out what you stand for. Write down your beliefs and values, review them often, and you will have a solid foundation from which to build the life of your dreams.

10. Living from a place of sufficiency is the root of happiness and fulfillment. Repeating the mantra, "I have enough, There is enough, I AM enough" will help to burn this concept into our brains!

And there you have it! Have a great night and I’ll see you tomorrow!

With love and gratitude,

Annie xoxoxo

The Force Behind Human Greatness.

The Force Behind Human Greatness.

Day 11

May 31st, 2016

All creations – every sculpture, book, cathedral, song, and movie ever made were once ideas in someone’s head before they became a reality. They all began as little seeds in our powerful imaginations.

Imagination is what drove my grandparents to pack what little they had and hop on a boat to America many years ago. They imagined a world with opportunity, freedom, possibility and happiness.

Every immigrant story is an imagination story. My grandparent's story started with a little dream that eventually became their identity, long before they arrived in America.

Before they became Americans, they became “people who were going to make it to America some day”.

They had many setbacks, including a pit stop in England for the duration of WW II, but they never let go of the dream.

They kept imagining what America was going to look like, sound like, smell like, feel like, even taste like. 

Everything they did on a daily basis was aligned with their dream; all their habits and routines. And th

ey were completely committed to the vision. They were all in. 

The picture in their minds grew and became more vivid every day, until one day they were pulling in to New York thinking, “Wow. We actually made it.”

Our imaginations are the source of everything that we as humans create in the world. It is our most powerful tool, but as we age it seems we use our imaginations less as a creative tool, and more as an instrument to hide from feelings and situations that we don’t know how to handle.

When I think back on my life there were entire years that I day dreamed away instead of creating the reality I was imagining. That was not good. Don’t do what I did!

We must make sure that we use our imaginations not to hide, but to create, just like we did as children.

Picasso once said, “All children are born artists. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.”

Adults are not encouraged to use their imaginations the way children are and this can lead to the end of true creating for many of us.

If we find ourselves using our imaginations to escape our present reality, we must try instead to dream up the reality we are longing to be present for, and then go out and make it true!

And once we decide we are going to try and make our dreams come true, it helps to have a checklist. If you know my boyfriend, John, you know that he LOVES check lists! And he’s really smart so trust me, it’s a good idea.  

Whenever I am thinking about setting a goal to create anything:


I get real clear on exactly what it is I want. I visualize it, feel it in my bones, and make sure I really want it.


I make sure it is in line with my values. If my new goal is in conflict with my values, with what is important to me, I know I have to pick a new goal. (More on values tomorrow!)


  I figure out my level of commitment. Am I all in? If I am not completely committed to the     goal, I am setting myself up for failure and I need to pick a new goal.


I ask myself, do my daily habits and routines support my new goal? Do I have any habits or routines that are in conflict with my goal? If I do, I either need to scratch the habit or pick a new goal. Also, I need to figure out what daily habits and routines I am going to need to acquire to reach my new goal and commit to those wholeheartedly.

Even though imagination is our most powerful tool and the force behind all of our creativity, we need the vision, values, commitment, habits and routines to back it up. Once we put it all together, like my grandparents did, anything is possible!

So what is your dream, your goal, your mission? What do you really want?

Imagine the world you want to live in and then go out and make it true!

And that is what I was thinking about today.

With love and gratitude,