Commitment is Your Best friend!


You said, "Yes!". You jumped! You signed up for it.

It doesn't matter what IT is.

Whether you are training for a fight, starting a new business, having a baby, or losing 20 pounds, what matters is: you agreed, you signed a contract with yourself, you gave your word, you set the wheels in motion, you are ALL IN, you are COMMITTED.

Now what?

Photo by Halfpoint

Photo by Halfpoint

Well, you have just given yourself the greatest gift. Your commitment. And when you commit to a goal, really cool shit starts to happen. 

Your commitment tells you what to do everyday. It keeps you on your path when you feel like quitting. And it shows you what you are really made of...which is some pretty awesome stuff btw!

Your commitment is your best friend, your greatest ally. It is rooting for you, and has your back at every turn.

Your commitment is a speed of light message to the Universe, a clarion call that says, "She is serious! Let's go!" 

This is where the magic happens.

LEAN on your commitment. And believe. And everything you need will show up. Right. On. Time.

Have a great night, 

Annie :-)