Why I am going to live with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon this summer!


Why I am going to the Amazon to live with an indigenous tribe this Summer!

While my 2 darling boys are away at overnight camp in August, I will be headed to the Amazon Rain Forest to live with an indigenous tribe for 2 weeks, which I figure is either good crazy or bad crazy, I can't decide.

On the one hand, there are big bugs, big snakes, jaguars, serious earthquakes, the Zica and god only knows what other viruses, guinea worms, unknown food, a new language, and I am unsure of the accommodations.

At the same time, it is a once in lifetime adventure into an old, old world. I will be dropped into a village that is a 10 day hike from civilization, and immersed among a tribe of 6000 who are living the same way they have lived for thousands of years, without any corruption from the modern world.

Pretty crazy stuff for someone who used to be so scared of the unknown that she barely left the house.

The old me rarely went anywhere without a firm plan and I was always "on guard" for potential threats and dangers.

I used to try and prepare for everything. I carried Bactine and Bandaids in my purse, and large amounts of water at all times because I was terrified that my children were somehow going to die of thirst at any moment.  Just ask my ex-husband about that one! I was insane.

I was constantly trying to control the lives of myself and my family and I resisted spontaneity in the hopes that in doing so, we would all avoid violent, painful deaths.

The reality of course is that we can't predict what is going to happen tomorrow, even if we plan, plan, plan. We just don't know. We can't control mother nature or other people. There are just too many things out of reach.

One of the silver linings to getting really sick is that, if you recover, it feels like someone just handed you a brand new life. It's like returning from the dead for a second shot at the game!

Once I received my second shot at the game, I had a new perspective, and I was able to accept the fact that uncertainty was going to be a permanent player, forever. I chose not to resist it anymore.

I learned so much from going through that health challenge that since then, I have been challenging myself ON PURPOSE in other ways, on a pretty regular basis.

Challenging myself has become one of my guiding values. It is the only way I see to really learn and grow and become a better person.

So when the opportunity appeared to travel to the equator and live with a remote hunter/gatherer tribe, I had to jump on it.

This is WAY out of my comfort zone and although it may not be a challenge for everyone, it certainly is one for me. The only kind of travel I have every done has been to hotels and resorts where they leave you fancy little chocolates on your pillow.

All the more reason I have to get my ass to the Amazon.

When I think back on the times in my life when I have felt proud of something, it has almost always been after I have overcome a challenge. Things like having a baby, training and competing in the boxing ring, healing myself from a debilitating illness, and one particular time when I stood up for myself, make me feel proud.

Think about your own list of proud moments. I am willing to bet that none of them were easy accomplishments. I have never run a marathon, but when I watch people crossing the finish line on marathon day, that look on their face is there for a reason. It's there because it was fucking hard, but somehow, someway, they found the courage to finish.

I am going on this trip for a lot of reasons; certainly to expand my knowledge, awareness and depth of understanding of our tribal roots, the human heart, shamanic healing and nature in it's purist form.

But just as important as all that, I am going to the rainforest to challenge myself on a whole new level and to "grow" more courage!

Can't wait!

How could you challenge yourself this summer?

Have a great night!

Love, Annie