5 Phases of Transformation


 5 Phases of Transformation



June 23, 2016


Hi there! It's Annie :-) Hope you are having an inspiring day. If not, maybe I can help.

On Monday I talked briefly about my latest venture and adventure, The Imagination Club! The Imagination Club is an online community that I am in the process of creating dedicated to helping as many people as possible live inspired, fulfilling lives based on their values (what is important to them) and their goals (how they want to grow and where they want to go).

10 years ago when I was trying to heal myself from the debilitating clutches of anxiety and auto-immune disease. I was struggling mentally, emotionally and physically and I was deteriorating by the day. 

I figured out how to heal myself without the immuno-sppressive drugs available at the time, and when I look back on it now, I realize that I went through 5 phases of transformation over the course of 10 years without even realizing it! 

The only thing I was aware of doing at the time was making the commitment. I committed to solving the puzzle, but everything after that  was determined by trial and error. 

I discovered the 5 phases I went through in retrospect; only once I was able to distance myself from it all over time.

If I had been aware of this process ahead of time, if someone had handed me a map and, even better, a support system to go along with it, I am convinced my transformation from sickness to wellness, from victim mindset to empowered mindset, from fast asleep to wide awake, would have been significantly easier and shorter and maybe even enjoyable. 

My goal of sharing this with you is to save you some time, some effort and a whole lot of pain. 

Here is a brief summary of the 5 phases of transformation that I experienced. I felt that they all deserved a name :-)  They are:




Healing the Past!


Ahhhh…..trauma. We ALL have it. Even if you swear that nothing bad has ever happened to you, trust me, it's lurking in the shadows disguised as guilt and shame and regret. It can have a big effect on the decisions we make, and, since life is just a series of decisions, it's important that we take care of this trauma shit right away. For me, letting it go required:

1. Recognizing it
3. Taking responsibility for it
4. Forgiving the other party and myself
5. Leaving it behind for good! 

EMDR therapy helped me tremendously, as did reading books and going to workshops, and there are all sorts of other options out there. Whichever way you choose to go, make healing your past a priority so that it doesn't hold you back from living an inspired life. 



Embracing WHO you are, 

WHERE you are!


Time to wake up to the present moment and accept ourselves EXACTLY the way we are. Do this and watch your soul GLOW! 

I know, easier said than done. Self acceptance is pretty challenging in a world where the culture of achievement has taken over, but the only way to live an inspired, fulfilling life is to forget what THEY want you to be, and embrace who YOU want to be. 

Self acceptance comes before self improvement, so let's get this puppy under control right now! 

Here is what I know for sure. You are a beautiful, strong, whole, powerful, loving, soul who is connected to the beautiful, strong, whole, powerful, loving Collective Soul. And so is every other human being on the planet. 

Everyone is doing the best they can with the knowledge, awareness and understanding they have in each particular moment…including you. 

Phase 2 is about acknowledging our greatness, embracing the present moment, taking care of the physical body, and strengthening our connection to the Collective Soul, The Force, the energy field of love from which we were born on planet earth. 

Some things that had a huge impact for me:

1. Meditation and practicing mindfulness
2. Exercise
3. Time spent in nature
4. Reading and writing
5. Eating healthy, whole foods
6. Getting plenty of sleep
7. Removing toxic people from my life




Dream Up a Vision That Feeds Your Soul!


What does your big, bold, sparkling dream for your life look like? What do you really want for yourself and your loved ones? What do you want to have, do and be in all areas of your life? What do you really want for the world? How can you help the world doing what you love to do? 

Write it down! 

All the details. Including time frames. 

Get clear. 

Dream up a vision that feeds your soul! Imagine that anything is possible! Don't worry about HOW you are going to do it! Dream big and crazy! Here are a few ideas for you:

1. Create a vision board! 
2. Write out affirmations every day in the present tense! 
3. Visualize your dream every day
4. Believe in your dream with unwavering faith
5. Practice Gratitude for what you already have
6. Invite The Force to the party.




Time to commit, get to work, and start creating the habits and routines that support your bad ass dream!


Committing to the goal is the most important thing, otherwise everything else is a waste of time. 

Once we commit, it's time to create the habits and routines that will support our goals and lead us to mastery, while, at the same time, remove any bad habits and routines that could get in our way.  

Give yourself some peace of mind and create a schedule. Schedule time to work out, time to read, time to do your work, time to sleep. time to write, time to play ping pong with the kids, time to go on a nature walk, time to meditate, even time to do NOTHING…you get the idea.  

A daily schedule that supports the big, bold, sparkling dream you have for your life is CRUCIAL to getting from where you are, to where you want to be. 

In addition to the schedule, it helps to have a contingency plan for when you get distracted from the schedule! It's going to happen and it's very easy to get discouraged. Here are a few ideas:

1. If you get distracted working from home, take your work to the library.  

2. Celebrate all your progress! 

3. Ask for acknowledgment and encouragement when you need it.

4. Be kind to yourself. 

5. Go at a pace that feels right for you. Everyone's pace is different. Make sure you go at a pace that allows you to take good care of yourself. 

6. Review your goals often as a reminder of where you are and where you want to go. 

7. Read inspirational books and listen to podcasts of successful people, powerful creatives and people who are living healthy lifestyles.  

8. Say "no" to any obligation that is not in alignment with your bad ass dream.




Making the transition from "me" to "WE"


This is where things turn from good to awesome. Once we have healed the past, embraced who we truly are, imagined and committed to a vision that feeds our soul, and started actually DOING what we have always longed to do, it's time to shift the focus from me to WE. 

We move from "how can I become the best version of me?" to


"how can I collaborate with others and expand my community and change the world for the better, in my own unique way, doing what I love to do?"

A few ideas:

1. Share your art, your advice, your writing, your personality, your business sense, your product, your love, your WHATEVER with as many people as possible.

2. Collaborate with others

3. Expand your community

4. Ask for help if you are not sure

5. Find a problem in the world that needs to be solved

6. Volunteer, explore, read and keep learning

So that is some of the stuff I have been working on. More details will be available soon on my new website. Yay! 

With love and more love,