4 Strategies to Win at Weight Loss!

Photo by RyanKing999/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by RyanKing999/iStock / Getty Images

We are all beautiful, strong, creative, courageous, loving souls, each worthy of the most fulfilling life this Universe has to offer.

And we are all, in essence, the same; arriving here on planet earth as babies and entrusted with a physical body for about 100 years.

We are given the keys to an amazing vehicle, and it is our job to keep it properly fueled, tuned up, cleaned, and cared for, so that it will last long enough for our beautiful, strong, creative, courageous, loving soul to fulfill its mission.

There is a catch of course. We only get one of these puppies. We don’t get to trade it in when it gets tired, sick or broken.

Ha! I wish I had understood this simple concept back in my teens and 20s, when I all but totaled my vehicle with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, junk food, stress, lack of sleep, lack of respect, and zero passion for the possible.

But I am living proof that it is never too late and that lasting change is always an option. Your transformation is ALWAYS on the table.

The following 4 strategies have helped me lose weight, keep it off, and stay healthy and strong.  This list could have been a lot longer, but I chose to include only the top 4 things that I believe you can do to create lasting change in your body and lifestyle.

As you know, when it comes to food, there is temptation at every turn, so setting yourself up for success from the very beginning is important. Here is a place to start.


1.   Purge All The Junk From Your Pantry & Refrigerator Permanently.

Make sure your home environment is COMPLETELY free from all addictive, processed, sugary, salty, highly caloric foods. This is critical. If you do not get rid of the junk, you make your weight loss quest nearly impossible, or at the very least, WAY more challenging than it needs to be.

Prepare for some big time temper tantrums from the adults and children who live with you. When you take away the “crack” your family is going to go bananas, but I am giving you permission to stand your ground.

You can still go “out” for ice-cream or pizza, but you no longer “stock” ice cream and pizza. Tell them the truth. You are doing it because you love yourself and you love them, and that is just the way it is from now on. No negotiation. Tantrums could last days or weeks, so be ready.


2.   Find or Create a Community of Support Beyond Your Immediate Family.  Finding fellow travelers on the weight loss journey is the most important thing. Don’t go it alone. We all need encouragement and accountability to make big changes. Find some buddies at the gym, or a group of friends or co-workers, or join a program like my Best New Year Ever. Find or create a group you can inspire, and one who inspires you.


3.   Commit To A Yoga or A Meditation Practice:

We live in an over-stimulating, super fast-paced environment most of the time.

Constant distraction is the name of the game in 2018; mindlessly running from one task to the next, trying to get it all done, forgetting sometimes to even breath!

I don’t believe that our nervous systems have evolved enough to handle our new manic lifestyle, which is why most of us experience so much stress.

Chronic stress can make losing weight nearly impossible. The body holds onto fat with a death-grip when it is experiencing anxiety or fear of any kind. It was designed that way.

Meditation and yoga reduce stress which sends a message to the body that it is ok to “let go” of the extra fat.

In addition, losing weight often requires a deep look inside ourselves to un-earth the real reasons why we eat, what we eat. Yoga and meditation can help you access the depths within, where the truth is always patiently waiting.


4.   Set Up Process Goals That Support Your Weight Loss Goal. Process goals are habits and routines that you need to commit to on a daily and/or weekly basis to get you from where you are, to where you want to go. Here are some examples:

- track your calories, macro-nutrients, and food in a weight loss app on your phone

- walk 10k steps a day

- prep your food for the week on Sundays

- meditate every morning.

- bike to work

- weigh yourself everyday

- exercise 3x a week

- drink ½ your weight in ounces of water everyday

- sleep 8-9 hours a night.

These are just some examples, but you get the point. Process goals = Results. And they tell you exactly what you need to do each day to accomplish your weight-loss goal. Process goals set you up to win!

These 4 strategies have helped me immensely lose and maintain my weight. Good luck on your path! And if you are looking for a supportive community and a proven plan, check out my upcoming programs here! 







The Biggest Thing Keeping You From Becoming a Fit, Strong, Bad Ass Mom.


If you clicked on this post, I would guess that you are trying to create lasting change in your body and lifestyle. Yes?

And I would also assume that you want to live a long, healthy life filled with boundless energy and adventure, in a body, let’s face it, that is BAD ASS & STRUT WORTHY?

Does this sound right?

Ok, if this is the case, there is one crucial thing you are going to have to do first.

In fact, if you don’t do it, you cannot succeed.

Transforming yourself into a fit, strong bad ass mom is not going to happen without radically changing your IDENTITY first.

Why? Because the old you is the one that got you into this place of dis-satisfaction to begin with!

The old you ate the junk food.

The old you put herself last.

The old you didn’t listen to her body when it said it was full.

The old you didn’t make physical fitness a priority.

The old you spent her time, energy & money NOT taking care of herself.

In short, the old you didn’t love herself enough.

As long as we are trying to create lasting change with the old version of ourselves, we are destined to fail. Every. Single. Time.

It’s like trying to run new software on an old computer. It just doesn’t work.


Shifting your identity isn’t as hard as you might think.

Let’s use me as an example.

Old Identity: Depleted, depressed, out of shape mom who doesn’t have the time and energy to take care of herself because she always puts herself last, thinking she is being a good person for doing so.

New identity: Fit, strong, bad ass mom who puts herself first, and chooses people, foods, activities, thoughts and feelings that build her up, which allow her greater capacity to give to her loved ones.

Now it’s your turn. Let’s get crystal clear on exactly who this NEW YOU is.

What does she do EVERYDAY?

What does she eat?

What does she look like?

What does she believe about herself?

How does she show up in the world?


Everything you do is determined by the person who

Align who you are with the behavioral changes you are trying to make, and your life will immediately stop feeling like such a struggle. You no longer will have to rely on will power and inner strength.

It will just be who you are.

You don’t wake up in the morning and ask yourself, “Hmmmm should I brush my teeth today? I’m not really in the mood, I’ll just try and brush them tomorrow.”

No…you are the kind of person who brushes their teeth everyday. Right?

How about becoming the kind of person who does other healthy things too?

You could become the kind of person who eats clean, gets enough sleep, doesn’t smoke, meditates every morning, works out every day, hangs out with positive people, spends time in nature, challenges herself, speaks her truth, and more.

The new you can be a fit, strong, bad ass mom, or whatever else she desires to be. The old you cannot.

So let go of that old identity and create a new one! You've got the power. You decide.

Have a great day taking radically good care of yourself.



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So you broke down and ate some chocolate cake...

Photo by cobraphoto

Photo by cobraphoto

Here is the scene. I am at a birthday party and it's almost cake time. So far I have been staying strong avoiding all the junky food until someone passes me a piece of chocolate cake. In a split second I decide, "one little piece couldn't hurt."

The cruel self annihilation usually starts right when I begin eating the cake. I start telling myself how I have no will power, how I am a fraud (trainers don't eat cake), how if only I was stronger, better, smarter, more disciplined, less lazy, I would never eat the cake. 

I start thinking thoughts like..."I KNEW there was going to be cake. It's a birthday party! If I had planned better I would have brought a healthy snack...another failure! This must be 800 calories, omg! I'll have to starve for the rest of the day to make up for this!"

This internal conversation goes on for a while and, if I don't get a handle on it, can quickly lead to the classic "Fuck it" scenario which is my excuse to over-indulge on anything and everything for the rest of the day. I think, "the day is already ruined so nothing matters now." 

I wake up the next day feeling horrible inside and out, wondering what the hell happened? Have you ever done this? Crazy, right?  

Well, I say NO MORE! and NEVER AGAIN! I have a new strategy. When I choose to eat a piece of cake or something else that is not healthy, I now enjoy it. Instead of beating myself up, I think about how yummy it is, and about who made it, and about the pretty frosting, and the texture.

Instead of stuffing self loathing right down my throat with the sugar, I use it as an opportunity for mindful eating. I view it as a chance to re-commit to my clean eating goals.

Why? The best analogy I can come up with is football...

Photo by 33ft/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by 33ft/iStock / Getty Images

What does Tom Brady do every time he throws an interception, or gets sacked, or fumbles? He gets RIGHT back in the game....mentally and physically. He knows that those mistakes do not DEFINE him. In fact, what defines him is his ability to bounce right back, re-focus and re-commit to the job at hand. 

Every time we fall off the wagon, we have the opportunity to get better and faster at the BOUNCE BACK. We are building bounce back muscles! Which is kind of awesome. 

Despite what the voice in your head might be telling you, you are not a failure, a loser, or a choker for eating a little bit of dessert. You are simply mastering your bounce back skills!  

So re-adjust and get back in the game immediately! The day is NOT ruined! It's just a speed bump, not a major disaster. :-)

Have a great day taking radically good care of yourself.

Love, Annie



Commitment is Your Best friend!


You said, "Yes!". You jumped! You signed up for it.

It doesn't matter what IT is.

Whether you are training for a fight, starting a new business, having a baby, or losing 20 pounds, what matters is: you agreed, you signed a contract with yourself, you gave your word, you set the wheels in motion, you are ALL IN, you are COMMITTED.

Now what?

Photo by Halfpoint

Photo by Halfpoint

Well, you have just given yourself the greatest gift. Your commitment. And when you commit to a goal, really cool shit starts to happen. 

Your commitment tells you what to do everyday. It keeps you on your path when you feel like quitting. And it shows you what you are really made of...which is some pretty awesome stuff btw!

Your commitment is your best friend, your greatest ally. It is rooting for you, and has your back at every turn.

Your commitment is a speed of light message to the Universe, a clarion call that says, "She is serious! Let's go!" 

This is where the magic happens.

LEAN on your commitment. And believe. And everything you need will show up. Right. On. Time.

Have a great night, 

Annie :-)


10 Ways to Let Go and Move On



How do we let go of a relationship that is over? Do you still love someone but they don't love you anymore? Do you want to try and make things work but they don't? Sometimes we have to let go and move on, but that can be easier said than done. Here are some things that have helped me. 

10 Ways to Let Go and Move On

1. Take responsibility: This is not about taking the blame. It's about taking control and deciding not to be a victim. "The moment you take responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you can change anything in your life."

2. Forgive the other party: If we really love the other person, than we need to bless and release them, instead of resenting them for shutting us out. Forgiving the other party dissolves the burden of resentment.

3. Forgive ourselves: If we really love ourselves, than we need to forgive ourselves for our part in what went wrong.

4. Feel the bad feelings: Stuffing, covering up, or trying to hide our shadows only prolongs our pain. If we feel sad, let's have a good cry. Crying is the body's normal biological response to loss. Studies show that when we are in emotional pain and we cry, the body releases cortisol and other chemicals through our tears. That's why after we cry, we fell better. So go ahead and ball your eyes out. It's good for you.

5. Perform a ritual: Write it down on a rock and throw it through their window. Haha - just kidding! Seriously, performing a ritual that symbolizes whatever it is you are trying to let go, can be super powerful. You can write in sharpie on a rock and throw it in a lake, river or ocean. You could build a fire and perform a ceremony by burning something that represents whatever it is you are trying to release. There are lots of directions to go in here.

6Talk to the other person's soul:  I do this with my mother all the time who has Alzheimers, and I am doing it now with my niece. Close your eyes in a nice quiet place, take a few deep breaths and relax, and then have a silent conversation with the person. You can tell them anything you want. You can ask questions too. Then just allow them time to respond. You may be surprised by what you discover.

7. Change a limiting belief:  If, for example, I have the belief that "This is all her fault" or "This is all MY fault", I can change either of those to, "Everyone was, and is, doing the best they can, including me." 

8. Quiet our animal mind:  Being aware of our runaway negative and fearful thoughts is really important. Meditating, walking in the woods, and taking good care of our bodies allows us to handle stressful relationships and situations deliberately, instead of automatically. 

9. Re-frame it with gratitude: Asking ourselves, "What am I grateful for about this person or situation?" can completely transform how we view it. 

10. Fill the void with something new and wonderful:  By letting go of the longing for things to be different than they are, we are creating space for all the new, wonderful experiences that are waiting in the wings. Making a list of how we are going to spend all our new found energy and time, is energizing.

It's the end of the year and the perfect opportunity to bless and release anything or anyone you want.

What do you want to let go of that is no longer serving you? 

Happy Holidays xoxo